Current Inquiries and Offers


20.9.2020 - BUY MEDICAL HERBS - Menyanthes trifoliata folium 2 tons, Taraxaci radix 5 tons, Rosehip seeds organic 120 tons, ...
Menyanthes trifoliata folium tot. 2 tons,
Taraxaci radix tot. 5 tons,
Hippophae rhamnoides fructus tot. organic 1 ton, conventional 1 ton
Crateagi flos cum folium cs. 2 tons,
Melissae herba cs. 2 tons,
Ciani flos tot. 5 tons,
Lami albi flos 1 ton,
Rosehip seeds organic 120 tons,
Rosehip shells organic 40 tons,
Rosehip seeds conventional 20 tons,
Helianthus flos tot. 2 tons,
Primula flos tot. 2 tons,
Caluna flos tot. 4 tons,
Melissae herba organic 15 tons,
Menthae piperita herba organic 10 tons,
Rubus ideaus folium 2 tons,
Schizandra fructus 1 ton,
22.9.2020 - BUY DAIRY POWDERS in feed quality, Milk powder, Whey powder, Fat filled Whey powder, 100 tons, ...
Skimmed milk powder,
Whole milk powder,
Sweet whey powder,
Fat filled whey powder 50 % palm or lard,
Waste from cleaning drying towers,
Non standard powders - out of specification, broken packaging, goods close to expiry date, ...
23.9.2020 - BUY POTATO PROTEIN, feed quality, big bags, 24 tons, 1 year contract


18.9.2020 - OFFER CARAWAY SEEDS in conventional and organic quality