About us


The company has been established since 2011. The main goal is to reduce costs while maintaining the same quality of purchased goods and services, with minimal demands on the time and resources of the client.

We guarantee a high level of professionalism, an innovative approach and implementation of the latest trends. We have obtained an SPSM certificate (Senior Professional in Supply Management), which has to be renewed regularly. Thanks to this certificate, we guarantee to provide you with approaches that are in line with the latest trends abroad.

The consultants of Arhom Ltd. have many years of experience in purchasing at international companies who are leaders in the area of modern buying methods. They have experience in centralization of purchasing, looking for savings, and implementing and using modern purchasing tools – e-auctions, e-Procurement, e-Supply, VMI, etc.

Our employees are regularly trained in Western Europe and the USA by the top experts in negotiating, reducing costs and managing productivity projects.

We can speak Czech, English, German and French. We are able to negotiate the best possible conditions with domestic and foreign suppliers.